I Still Get Jealous

I Still Get JealousI see younger women with their cute, sexy bodies and am I jealous of them? No, when I was their age, I looked like that. Now let’s see if they look like me when they are my age. However, some days I look like a pile of old shoes, can’t beat that!

I see women dressed in five hundred dollar outfits, am I jealous? No, because at one time, I also spent piles of money on ridiculous crap, I have $260 sunglasses, ridiculous.

I see people eating thirty dollar steak dinners with lovely cocktails, am I jealous? No, unless it’s cheap beer in a can, I’m not happy. Have you even tried my four dollar casserole?

Want to make me jealous? Tell me that your dad was a neurosurgeon. Tell me that you have a nobel prize winner in your family. Tell that you spent your Sunday dinners discussing something other than an escaping prisoner getting his penis torn off.

Prisoner penis Pete, that’s how I grew up, I bet you’re jealous.



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11 thoughts on “I Still Get Jealous

  1. Where have I been to have missed such a special story as the poor damaged prisoner? Still, it might make safer dinner conversatin than politics or religion, so I guess there is something to be said for it. And, yes, also very glad to have got to late adulthood before phone cameras.

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  2. Well. My Dad was an instrument engineer for Nuclear Power. So I spent the first 5 years of my childhood behind the Iron Curtain in the USSR. My wife has travelled all over the world and part of that was working for the German Intelligence Services as a Translator. My Sister in Law is a commercial law barrister and my Brother in law is super high up in London Transport. My Uncle was a barrister for Lothian Council, and I, lil ol’ me has won countless local community awards, helped literally 1000’s of local people stay off the street andddd nominated and mentored one gentleman that went on to win a UK National Award. Oh, yes, that and I was picked to play for the Scotland under 14’s Golf 1st Team. I inadvertently messed that up. Buuut that’s another story. Good enough? 🙂

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