He’s A Creep, He’s A Weirdo

He's A Creep, He's A WeirdoLet’s pose a question:

Where do you find the bigger creeps? On the internet? Or in real life?

I can guarantee you that I’ve met scarier people in real life than I have on the internet.

The internet can be a scary place and with enough effort, people can find out where you live. They can send fingernail clippings to your house, and they will.

However, in reality, they just start talking to you. They wait for you in parking lots. They tell you they like your lips.

There is nothing scarier than that, sooooo ok, here take them.

In reality, an 80-year-old has stuck his tongue in my mouth. Not to mention the 60-year-old, the 40-year-old and that cute 30-year-old. Bless him, he was drunk.

In reality, I get intrusive knocks on my door by uninvited guys who are “just in the neighbourhood.”

In reality, men have shown themselves to be quite douchey, many times.

Worse, in reality, I have pants on. To hell with that, I’m going back online.

So tell me, single ladies, fingernails through the mail? Or crazy freaks in dark parking lots?


He's A Creep, He's A Weirdo pin

34 thoughts on “He’s A Creep, He’s A Weirdo

  1. Oh, snap. Do we all need to chip in and get you a bodyguard? There are douchebag guys in both worlds, no doubt. That’s why I taught my wife a few things I was taught in hand-to-hand combat course in the Navy. (I feel bad for the guy that thinks his nuts are the target she will go after.)

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  2. Go for the eyes, especially if they look like the picture you used, yikes! I had a creep throw me over his shoulder and try to run off with me. I scratched at his eyes till I tore his eyelid. He threw me to the floor hard but it beat being kidnapped.

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  3. Weirdos have a chance on the internet. It’s like having an audition behind a curtain, if you’re a musician. No one sees what’s playing all that beautiful music.

    There are people I would never stop to talk with on the street because of first impressions, but after seeing their soul in writing I wonder how I could have ever thought they were weirdos. πŸ™‚

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  4. I feel a little ripped off here. Woman just stare at you like your meat. Or they will ask the same question, three or four times after walking past others. Obviously, men are better at showing attraction. πŸ˜‰. It’s the “are you happy with your life?” question, in person by someone with a slightly psychotic smile.

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