My Youngest And Prettiest Self

My Youngest And Prettiest SelfFunny, when I look at someone, I establish three things immediately. Their age, their weight and their social status. I don’t judge them or care, I’m noticing them because I may want to be friends, or put a hammer in their skull. Samesies.

It’s not optional, and I’m not always right.

Well, today I called someone old and ugly, they are several years younger than me. (Nice!!) Does that make me older and uglier? (In my defense, we were researching murderers at the time.)

I do find when I meet people and become friends with them, that initial impression is the one I carry with me. Their youngest and best-looking selves. They can tryย and tell me they are twenty years older, but to me, they are still that kid from the complex.

I hope that when people look at me, they have the same problem. I want them to see me as I was when we first met, at my youngest and prettiest.

Truthfully, that’s what I always see, my youngest and prettiest self.

PS if an old hag like me can do that, why can’t you?


My Youngest And Prettiest Self pin

38 thoughts on “My Youngest And Prettiest Self

  1. I can’t recall ever feeling any real connection between how I feel inside and the number of birthdays counted up, though now having just checked off number 71, some of my joints do occasionally remind me. Hmm, no, pretty never was an issue. I do recognize the pattern.

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      • Glad you like it. 21? I don’t know. It might change from day to day or hour to hour. “Act your age.” What a silly idea! The mystic would say we are ageless. There’s a poem:

        LONE MAN

        He walks freely in the world,
        And goes just one way.
        From the eternal past to the eternal future,
        He is alone,
        No one accompanies him.
        If you ask him how old he is,
        He will look at you with a smile,
        And point to the endless sky.

        Jakushitsu Genko Zenji โ€“ 1290-1368
        from: Like a Dream, Like a Fantasy
        by: Noyogen Senzaki

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  2. I was just talking about something like this with Mmy Mother the other day. She is is 83 and says she still feels like she is in her 20’s. Unfortunately she can’t move like she is. She is still young and beautiful to me though.

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  3. It’s all just a number, anyways! I still feel like a kid most of the time. But wouldn’t that be nice when people remember us at our prettiest and youngest (feeling) selves especially seeing old friends.

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  4. In comparison to me you can’t possibly be very old and as for a hag, if that’s true then I’m asking you to take down the picture on your site of the pretty young thing, and put an honest one up instead. Don’t forget the wart on the nose, the long straggly hair and the necessary broomstick.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  5. I dislike when people say, “You’re only as old as you feel.” If that’s the case, I’m about twenty years above my numbers. Now, if it’s, “You’re only as old as you look,” then I have about 20 to my credit. lol

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  6. I think we all have a set point age. Where even though we get older we stay that way inside. Its nice if we can sorta stay that way outside but not always possible. I’ve never been skinny but I was skinnier…and everytime I pass a mirror I am suprised.

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  7. I still think of people as the age they were when we met – many of them are still the goofy 19 year old they were when we all worked together, despite now being married, with kids and grown up rubbish to deal with etc! Then I turned 40 and thought ‘How?’ Ha! Anyway, it’s just a number and I still reserve the right to wear my hair in braids.
    Thanks for stopping by and following. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. My work colleagues and I time to time have this conversation, we’re middle aged men supervising female University students using machine tools and us men think we still have ‘IT’, still attractive to young women but deep down we know these delightful intelligent young goddesses, are really thinking ‘sad old men, trying to flirt at their age!!!)

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  9. I think I’m prettier now at almost 30 than I was when I was younger. Youth is not the only marker of beauty. “Old hags” can be quite beautiful too. Neither is skinniness…sure I want to be more toned, but I’m happier with my curves now than I ever was with my waifish shape back in the day.

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