Dear Doctor Nobody

Doctor NobodyI think it is funny when sanctimonious, know it all’s go ahead and decide that I have a mental illness.

“You must be bipolar”

Oh, must I be? You do realize that doctors that diagnose these illnesses have gone to school for years, right? You have known me for six minutes, you read something I write, you listen to something I say and suddenly you diagnose me as bipolar. Who are you, Dr. Nobody, to diagnose anyone with anything? Oh, your mom was bipolar and so now you know everything. You son is autistic so you are an expert and can diagnose it in an instant.

You can diagnose someone’s illness in five minutes, with no medical background.

Wow that is truly awesome of you, let’s get you a medical license and hook you up with an office of your own. You can sit and diagnose people all the live long day, you deserve it. You are an expert!!!

Ok, so maybe your mom is bipolar, maybe I exhibit similar behavior, sure. Instead of saying “you must be bipolar”, how about you shut up? Try minding your own beeswax for a change.

Stop diagnosing people with illnesses unless you have a medical degree.

“Wow, your leg looks broken, the bone is sticking right out of your skin.” If this is the problem, and that is your diagnosis, yep, you are probably correct. Until my bone is sticking out of my leg, let’s keep our mouths shut, mmkay?


Dr Nobody PIn

49 thoughts on “Dear Doctor Nobody

  1. so is it alright if I say “yanno, I think you musta lost your GD mind.” if they’re acting the fool and ranting and raving in front of me? these things are kinda sorta important, yanno?


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  2. I would never yell at you. I think the current GPA requirements for college (including medical school) reflect just how inaccurate doctors are now days. Unfortunately, they practice medicine. There are none left who have mastered medicine. So, bi-polar the hell out of life if you want to and keep us laughing.

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  3. Relatable post. Doctors love to label their patients. The tricky thing is you’re right, many doctors don’t know you your past, how things started etc.. I have dealt with mental illness for about 9 years now and they are not able to define mine. And it was so frustrating throughout each year. At first they are like you might be schizophrenic because I had one psychotic episode. I had a mini depression and they thought I was bipolar. I was on thos kinds of drugs a while and then we were increasing depression meds and trying all sorts of meds because I could be this or that. My last med change was last summer. I’ll never be completely recovered, but I’m well enough. I don’t have to keep trying meds that don’t work or have doctors who I don’t know give second opinions who don’t know what I’ve been through.

    So what it comes down to is a i have a mood disorder (likely depression but?) and I have had one psychotic feature 9 years ago. That’s all they can say which leads me back to your post, doctors don’t know.

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  4. It’s bad enough when a non-doctor wants to do a fly-by diagnosis. They’re easier to put in their place than a know-it-all doctor. S/he can ruin any chance you have for a referral to the place you need to go.

    I loved the “family doctor” who tried to tell me that I didn’t have Tourette’s. Since 2 doctors who specialized in diagnosed both my son and me, and then 5 years later another specialist did the same thing, I think it’s safe to say that he was wrong.

    It was, however, fun to watch when I told one doctor that M.D. is not spelled God. That was so very, very long ago.

    The worst seem to be the male doctors from places where women seem to be considered 3 notches lower than dirt. You walk in and you just KNOW…the minute he opens his mouth he’s going to say the word ‘histrionic’ if there’s any possible way to do it.

    I got to the point when I just won’t go to one that has a name I can’t pronounce. 🙂


  5. I like to say that we are rich in our contradictions. Does that make us bipolar or complex, interesting, passionate human beings? Yesterday I took down a post after receiving contradictory feedback within five minutes of each other where one reader was concerned about my immediate safety while another essentially told me to “suck it up buttercup.” Decided a rewrite might be in order. Clearly the meaning is in the eye of the reader. Pardon me while I go off and bipolar the hell out of my life.

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  6. The same thing goes for most doctors giving advice on how to eat properly. Nutrition is an option in medical school, but there are endless classes to learn about drugs that make corporations profits.

    Too many doctors mostly prescribe drugs and/or use scalpels to cut and then sew while we trust they won’t cut out or remove the wrong part.

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