Three New Ways To Show Kindness

Three New Ways To Show Kindness1. Calm the f*ck down. Don’t worry, we see how important you are! Look at you in your Honda Civic with no muffler, clearly, you are king of the world. You have super important places to be and you don’t care who you kill, you have to be there faster than everyone else. Wanna guess who is more important than you? The school bus and ambulance you just breezed by.

2. See item 1, yes, I’m sorry, the guy was going to jump off a bridge so they closed it. You were two hours late to pick up your kid from the babysitter. They set your kids on fire when you’re late, so I understand your anger. Your need to go on social media and wish the man would just f*cking die already was awesome, really, it warmed the heart to read that.

3. There was a young man who looked lost in your neighbourhood, how about you ask him if he’s ok? How about you don’t go beating him into a coma with a baseball bat. Yes, he was in your driveway, he should be beaten into a coma, shouldn’t he?

People’s impatience and selfish attitudes are tragic. Life isn’t a race, why the damned rush?

PS the world can stop thinking Canadians are nice now, we aren’t, we are a country full of assholes.



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30 thoughts on “Three New Ways To Show Kindness

  1. Haha. I see something has pissed you off somewhere – I don’t agree with the statement that Canadians are super nice either. I know a few that are just total c*nts. You aren’t though, you’re lovely 🙂

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  2. I can’t understand why so many people think being an asshole makes them special. Every living critter on the planet with enough cells to have a gut has one. Oh, right, I got it backwards. They are assholes because they think they are special. Silly me! Note to assholes – Don’t piss off the Skinny One. Those three are real prizes of the species. Still, I think Canadians are some nicer than us to the South. We seem to be making a virtue, at least politically, of the malady.

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  3. Awww Jeez. I don’t mean to sound paranoid or anything, but is this directed at me? Cause it sure seems like I do a lot of this stuff…except for the social media stuff…and beating people with baseball bats. Other than that, I’m pretty much one of the assholes too.

    Impatient Patty

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  4. The kind of people you describe gave me so much anxiety I can barely get out of my house and trust people. They also always claimed that the problem is me for being too sensitive! Horrible! 😱😱😱

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  5. Have you noticed that more people seem to be road-raging lately? I don’t want to imagine what the world would be like if a meteor was spotted heading for Earth and life as we know it was about to end. I can only imagine how quickly the thin layer of civility we rely on from others for our survival would melt away.

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  6. I love the fiery rant! I can both relate to those days and the ones that describe, which fuel that rant mode in the first place. Road rage, irrational behavior and rudeness put me into a tailspin. Glad I’m not the only one who wants to unleash once in a while!

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