Wow, You’re So Fat

wow-youre-so-fat“Wow, you’re so fat.”

These words stopped me in my tracks and I just stared with disbelief at the person who said them.

You’re a f*cking bitch, I said, as it took everything I had not to jump the fence and smash her face in.

I stood there numb as the words to a new blog post about body shaming started writing itself in my head.

Here’s why, for twelve years I heard:

So, do you have to go throw up now?

A skinny thing like you can’t possibly finish that.

I’m worried you are anorexic.

So you just never gain weight? You must be ill with something.

In a few months, it went from how skinny I was, to how fat I was.

I guess the whole point of this blog post is maybe it’s time people shut the hell up. You don’t know why I was so thin, you don’t know why I’m so fat. I don’t know why you’re an ugly, hateful bitch but I didn’t bring that up, did I?

PS, my ass has never looked better.


93 thoughts on “Wow, You’re So Fat

  1. Since it would appear that that individual is still breathing without mechanical assistance, I congratulate you on your self restraint. And, since I know you have high standards, I’ll bet her ass can’t hold a candle to yours.

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      • I love how you handled the situation. I love that you brushed it off and ignored it but what disappoints me is that your issue is them body shaming you yet you are criticising things they do eg. the slouch. I’m just saying two wrongs won’t make a right. You are breaking down your victory by being nasty in reply comments about this girl.

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      • Funny how surprising it is when someone gets nasty after being called fat. And I never considered my weight gain a victory, I didn’t consider the exchange a victory, there is no victory here.

        I’m just me, a person who has been called fat for the first time… Yes, I’m going to go vicious bitch on her. Difference here is, she had no reason to be nasty.

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      • I feel like you are missing the point I was making. I get you were hurt, and yes that girl should be ashamed… I’ve been called worse but I chose to be better and not say nasty things about that person. Your post is inspiring and gives a “fuck yeah” feeling to girls from all over, but then you read your comments and feel like you are just like that girl saying nasty things out of spite and maliciousness. You are too beautiful and worthy to be brought down by your own nasty words. And karma works in funny ways, that girl will get what is coming to her ❤ Just don't want you to stay angry at her – because then her words had the effect she wanted them to have. You are better than that x

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  2. Aren’t we our own worse critic when it comes to how we look, and when some idiot says what that “bitch” said to you, that makes us even a worse critic of how we look?

    I’m only about 5 pounds over my desired weight, but that 5 pounds follows me around taunting me as if it is 100 pounds. Because when I add weight, it goes to my middle, and every time I sit down and see that extra mass down there around my waist bulging out stretching my pants a bit, making my pants feel too tight, I feel fat. I think I’m fat. It’s when I’m out in public that it’s obvious I’m not fat, but that little crappy voice is always there. “You got to lose that 5 pounds or you are fat!”

    I’m working hard to ignore that damn voice, but it won’t leave me alone.

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  3. I used to have some health problems and was skinnier than what other people thought I should be. I though it was so weird people felt comfortable to comment on a stranger’s weight. It’s rude no matter what.

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  4. I’m glad you didn’t hit her (I’m not sure I would have held back), you look wonderful. I don’t know what this person looked like but I can see from here that their insides are ugly as F*CK

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  5. well, we’ve never seen your ass but we’ll concede that it must be magnificent. please let me get my camera before you smack the shit outa someone so I can capture that Kodak moment. I woulda responded “Yes and you’re a moron. Next week I may be thinner but you’ll still be a moron.”

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  6. People are assholes. Especially ignorant ones. I used to weigh 118 in high school. I was best friends with a very heavy girl. Many had comments. Not nice ones. I weigh 133 now after having a child 27 years ago and a slower metabolism. I walk all day at work and for pleasure too after work. I lift weights 💪. I am heavier than I like. I always am told how “skinny ” I am.. No. I am healthy. Coworkers in the past who were heavy commented that I was thin. I would not think of doing that to a heavier person. You should have kicked her ass. You have more grace. ☺

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  7. The woman who said that to you has a heaping helping of foot-in-mouth disease, with a side order of ignorant.

    “Fat” is such an ill-used term. People tell me that I’m too skinny. But when I was the exact same weight in 1972, I was called fat. I’d wager that, like me, you’re neither.

    In the US, “Fat” seems to have a new meaning with every generation. In 1972, anything bigger than Twiggy was “fat.” Size 12 has become size 6 over a period of 30 years and now women wear spandex dresses over a size 2x body because it’s in style.

    –In 1972, 70% of the people were slender.
    –In 2016, 70% of the people are overweight or obese.

    Personally, I’d rather be a bit overweight than cursed with a “fat mouth” that doesn’t know when to shut it. There’s no cure for the latter. 🙂

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      • Ok. So if it was one of your female friend that this happened to, what would you say? Oh what a sweet lady, I hope only good things happen for her. Or would you care about your friend and say “wow, what a horrible thing that bitch said.”

        Not everyone can take the high road when someone they love is hurting.

        If your friend came to you crying, it’s your duty to call that bitch what she is, a bitch who should have kept her mouth shut.

        Thanks for your thoughts.


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  9. I may not have heard these exact words, but similar comments like “I have never seen you eat that much” or “You eat like a bird” (sometimes the same person at the same meal). We need to go back to our childhood rules if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. #FridayFrivolity

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  10. The audacity of people! What gives them the right to say something like that to someone? Everyone looks different and everyone has their own reasons for that. The only opinion that should matter is your own. As long as you’re happy with you, that’s all that counts.

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  11. People can be so rude. I went through similar situations when I was first diagnosed with PCOS. I went from being “to thin” to people asking me if I was pregnant. Here is a some sound advice: I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, child, alien, whatever. You should NEVER ask a woman if she’s pregnant. Because the awkward silence that follows when she says ‘no’ is crushing.

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  12. i really don’t know why anyone cares what anyone else weighs. Plus, you never know why someone has lost or gained weight. What if you’re complimenting them on weight loss, and it turns out they’re very ill? And let’s focus on important things – not my weight!

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  14. I love this. For years I”ve had a tumultuous relationship with me weight and people have always gone out of their way to point out how big I was. I am now half the size yet people still comment. 😬. I’ve learnt over the years those comments are not about me. It was never about me. Comments like these come from sad, miserable individuals who need to put others down to make themselves feel better about their own crappy lives.

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  15. I am sorry that someone treated you with no respect to your feelings or personal challenges. That was inconsiderate. Lately I have come to realize that people who are in personal pain throw out a lot of negative energy to others around them. In other words, “Hurt people hurt people.” I am sorry that someone with a lot of inner turmoil spread their pain around. All my best to you on your journey of healing and health of mind, body, and soul. May you be surrounded with supporters and cheerleaders.

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