This Is What Anxiety Feels Like


Every day I stand at my mirror. I don’t have anxiety, I’m fine. Flips hair, I am just fine.

Every day I get in my car. I’m fine, I am just fine.
Is that a snowflake? My stomach tightens.
Does that car want over here? My mouth gets dry.
Does that truck see me? My heart pounds.

Every day I get to my office. I’m fine, I am just fine.
Is my boss mad at me, he looks mad. I start sweating.
Is my coworker going to even talk to me today? I feel shaky.
Will I screw up? I want to cry.

I’m fine, I am just fine.

#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike – the hashtag heard around the world.

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54 thoughts on “This Is What Anxiety Feels Like

  1. My thoughts usually go in the opposite direction except for 18-wheelers, big busses and trains. When some car, about the same size as mine or smaller, looks like it wants the space my car occupies, I remind myself that I can turn my car into a bullet that weighs several thousand pounds.

    When in combat, no one knows who will survive. You just have to be willing to fight if someone attacks.

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  2. I don’t suffer from anxiety and so I used to ask to those who suffer: “What are you worried about.” I’ve learned that is the wrong question because there is no absolute answer. Anxiety is about anxiety.


  3. Mine manifests differently. I don’t worry much about what others think…but the thoughts race and scream “what if” in every possible language, all night long.

    And they hide under food. I’m anxious about weighing more. Getting fat. Being fat Fat rolls. Too much ketchup, too many chips. The food hides the real problem and weight becomes the problem. Food becomes the enemy I fight several times a day…and the false friend that helps me avoid fighting the real problem, so I can never win.

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  4. I have a child with anxiety – if you don’t suffer it can be really hard to understand and not be dismissive (but I’m working on that, though we don’t feed the anxiety either) Not heard of this campaign but probably a good idea to help people ‘get it’ and work out what helps #Stayclassymama


  5. I find for me it’s food, as in fear of weight gain, and also people. I can go weeks feeling fine, then a single comment or look or thought… and for weeks after I feel so disconnected, convinced the whole world hates me, doesn’t want me around, secretly thinks poorly of me. It is hard. thank you for sharing so honestly. xx #stayclassymama

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  6. This is a great hashtag so is trying to raise awareness of anxiety as it is a horrid creature. I have had it since I was 15 and cant recall not being this way, your poem is very apt. Little unexplainable things trigger it, you are constantly on a heightened state of alert, nowadays me relaxed makes me anxious as I am not used to feeling calm. My worst thing is health anxiety, especially since having my son. Big love to you honey. Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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  7. You hit the nail on the head! How often do I watch my daughter ride off on her motorbike and feel physically sick wondering if she’s dead in a ditch, when she’s happily at work the whole day… There is a danger in bikes, but anxiety blows it out of proportion. Like wondering if my younger daughter made it to college on the college bus… The physical symptoms of anxiety are just as bad as the mental ones. definitely needs higlighting, great post! ❤

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