Ready To Be Called A Bitch??

girl-1064659_1920I wasn’t, but I started blogging anyway. My first year was spent in tears. My first viral post was quickly deleted. The first time I was called a bitch, I stopped blogging for three months.

Once you’re called a bitch, it’s all over. You’re done. Your readers think you’re a bitch and you can’t erase it.

Then they come in droves. They are fascinated by your crassness, your ability to speak your mind, and they’re jealous. (Or assholes but I’m going with jealous.)

Want some wicked cool blogging tips? Here!!!!

1. Eggs in one basket. Don’t do it. Pinterest is great, thousands of hits, then it dies and so does your blog. Diversify, annoy all your social media pages, not just one.

2. Don’t listen to people who say you can make a fortune blogging, they are fattie fat liars. They are selling you a course for 500 bucks, that’s how they make money. They write nothing.

3. Beware of fake friends. They act like they’re in a community but they just want to make money off you, take you down, and destroy your blog.

4. Create great content!!! Kidding, I hate when people say that. Write about what you love.

5. Don’t jump on the news of the day, you want a post about Harambe? No, who’s Harambe? Exactly.

6. Sex sells. My two sex posts make up a third of my traffic.

7. Want tons of comments? Really? Be controversial, have an opinion and make sure it’s different than most people.

Ready to be called a bitch? Get going and I would love to read it.

Welcome to blogging, bitch. Are you ready for trolls



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