Five Reasons My Blog Tanked

home-2626039_1920My blog tanked. And not in a way that can be simply explained, it’s summertime or it’s Christmas time, whatever. No, I lost fifty percent of my readers every month since February 2017.

It has never recovered.

A professional review of my blog (which is me with my glasses on) suggests the following:

1. I’m not SEO friendly. No one ever searches for what I write about.

2. I bore people. They are tired of my meaningless nonsense and they don’t gain any value from reading.

3. I don’t have any advice. I will literally post a question and someone will comment that it didn’t help them at all. (Uhh)

4. No one thinks I’m cute and charming, which is sad because I’m extremely cute and charming in real life.

5. The actual and only reason my blog tanked? I stopped writing it. I was living so high off of my traffic numbers, I forgot the main reason for them: content.

Con. Tent. Without it, you don’t have a reason to get traffic.


Five Reasons My Blog Tanked

147 thoughts on “Five Reasons My Blog Tanked

  1. I’m a dip in and out kind of blogger. Sometimes i don’t get inspired for weeks. My blog hardly ever gets comments and shares but also i feel no pressure to write ‘just because’ … I write without thinking, they just flow when they appear and I can’t help what subject they are. I guess thats why I don’t earn from my blog but i use it as a cathartic experience… its my mind dump. Obviously I am delighted if it gets noticed/shared/commented upon, but I’d write even if it didn’t.
    Re reading blogs…I kind of binge read…I’ll go a month without reading and then spend a day doing nothing but. I ALWAYS read your blog , even if its a bit delayed… welcome back x

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  2. I’ve never had a huge number of hits, just a loyal cluster of readers. But I enjoy writing the stuff – and (at least) it makes me laugh. But I’m sure the level of output is often the crucial factor; the most active I’ve ever been on my humour blog is one post per fortnight, but my latest one was the first for two months – I guess that says it all.

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  3. Yes that’s it your not cute you’re sexy and single no one want cute and single we want sexy maybe more skin? Lol 😝
    I think is Seo or the Russians yeah mostly the Russians. Or it could be you had a mass appeal to the older people and they have all since died from being old as fuck? Seems likely old people love sexy single Canadians that’s why I’m here but you can’t count on me since per the logic I will be dead by years end like the remainder of your viewership but for now just know I never stop looking

    Fucking Russians

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  4. Wow. It took me to get to the comments to realize this is your post and not one you shared. I hope your blog is back! I like reading it. It makes me laugh. I feel that you will rock it and bring it back because your not a quitter and you have self actualization.

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  5. I’m here to tell you I’m not having number 2 said about you!! I love your meaningless nonsense (a compliment) and you never ever bore me, you make me laugh and enlighten me to see things a different way, “/ mind you I do worry you have a drink problem!! In my humble opinion you’ve answered your own question, when I stopped ‘writing’ for 3 months people stopped reading.

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  6. If I lost half my readership I’d technically be in the negative. 🤔

    Skinny, you’re the reason I’m addicted to reading blogs. I spent a year and a half writing a blog that my loyal friends and family read, but nobody else knows (knew) existed. I was okay with that, until I wasn’t. So I went searching. I typed in something like “funny” on the Discover page (I promise I didn’t type “skinny” OR “single”!) and there you were. I read. I laughed. I read more.

    Because of you I’m now addicted to many other blogs that you have directly or indirectly led me to. And I’ve made friends and (a few) followers all my own.

    In others words, Stella, get your groove back!

    For some of us, you are the guiding star. 🌟

    No pressure. 😎

    P.S. there are a million posts in the blogosphere about building a blog, but I’ve seen none on how to help someone else to build their blog back up when it has lapsed into what must be considered a momentary lull. My question, for which I probably didn’t need a sentence or two as big as these to ask, is: how can I/we help!? Stay gold, sister! ✊

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  7. You are doing better than me I took a 4 year break form blogging and most social media. It’s taking a BIG effort to get things going but it’s easier than starting from scratch. I wrote a post a few weeks ago you might enjoy about my struggle. Maybe you can tell me what you think! lol
    BTW your blog is FUNNY and there is no way it is tanking. You have a highly engaged audience.

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  8. I can’t even remember why I started reading your blog. Maybe it was the ugly baby one or the one about you sleeping with someone else’s husband or maybe it was the one about how you love cats especially with a good Cabernet. But whatever it was, I have to say you seem to be spending more time about your blog losing traffic than writing those biting, hilarious articles. Maybe it’s just getting harder to be sarcastic when the White House is more like SNL than SNL is.

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  10. Aw Skinz, I never really stopped reading your blogs, rather you (or facebook) stopped force-feeding them to me, and now we all be like OFF OUR MEDS, MAN! and hunny, those six-word thingies are barely placebos tossed like crumbs to your jonesing masses, or uh, mass, rather… ok, clump, your jonesing clump of dedicated un-dead under-medicated readers…WHO NEED THEIR FIX! c’mon girl, you can do this! Have you tried picturing me naked yet? DON’T!!!! (I hope that helps) lol


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  11. I think you are cute and charming. And still I might be part of the problem. I have stopped reading what doesn’t get right the bleep in front of me. I have always loved your blog but somehow stopped visiting. In my case it has nothing to do with you or SEO. It had to do with me feeling drowned in blogs. Not sure how to address it.

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  12. Well….I was off-line for a week due to the hurricane and lost about 20 readers. I’m starting to pick up readers again. You have a core of people who, like me, are too lazy to push the unfollow button. 🙂

    Seriously, just keep writing. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and some of us are going to read it.

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  14. I, also, have a steady but smaller readership. I am content with that because they enjoy the kind of things I like to blog about. But I do post daily, because I want to.


  15. Hey My Fallen Valentine, she offered help, not a techical support help desk in perpetuity, unlimited free consultancy and emotional shoulder to cry on. Do some research. She did.

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