Really, Do I Hate Women?

girl-1442438_1920Someone said that I hated women the other day. It’s actually quite shocking to see your name next to those words. I like women, I’ll tell a total stranger that she looks pretty or I love her hair, whatever, some bullshit, just go away.

Really, do I hate women?

Does it bother me when women screw men out of every dime they can? You have his kid not his soul, ease up.

Do I cringe when I see another social media uprising about rape, rape culture or #MeToo? Men rape, I get it, no need to seemingly bash every single dude all the livelong day.

Do I want to puke when I see an unemployed, lazy bitch waiting in the welfare line with her three kids? Oh, sweet, she has the new iPhone, my phone is from 1975.

Most noteworthy, equality. Women want to be equal. Women are the same as, if not better, than men. I am so fucking on board. Ok ladies, we need to blast through a thousand feet of mountain to get these railroad tracks though. We need fifty thousand skyscrapers and millions of homes. We need you to pull millions of pounds of fish from the ocean and clear out thousands of acres of forest. Get on it.

Oh wait, what? Your nails aren’t dry?

Face it, you want to be equal now because most of the hard work is done. Yes, you can do all the easy stuff as well as a man can, yes dear.

Do I hate women? No, that would be stupid, women are beautiful…. right?

Really, Do I Hate Women pin.

52 thoughts on “Really, Do I Hate Women?

  1. You are an amazing woman. You are a woman to be loved. I myself have been cussed out by women when I say that they are beautiful (as if they want me to tell them that they are ugly or something). I would like to meet more women like you.

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  2. There are certain types of women I dislike, certain types of women that make me “tut & shake my head in despair” and certain types of women that I like. There are also certain types men I dislike, certain types of men who are not my cup of tea, and certain types of men who definitely tickle my fancy. It all boils down to personality traits not really gender. Regarding work wise -different jobs require different skills require the apt person to carry out those jobs – regardless of gender. Nah, you’re not a woman hater … nor am I … 😊

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  3. Miss I understand you don’t hate women, it’s noise, there’s always noise. In the media men are pilloried criticised attacked just for being human and you have every right to share the experiences of knowing a woman who bathes naked with her 6 year old son is just plain odd and wrong! Women have failings, they’re human, so keep reminding us they have imperfections and YES I question why a woman on benefits owns a £700 iPhone as well!

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  4. YES! I have said numerous times I hate women. No not all women. But the exact ones you point out. PLUS I have learned I will never again work in an office of women. I prefer men… and yeah I have worked with some who are crude and crass, the truth is they were easier and way more fun to deal with ( I mean seriously, laugh, that dirty joke was kinda funny!!) than an office of catty middle aged women. I probably can say I was a contributor to the drama.

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  5. I love that you are calling attention to this. I do think it is an important point. While I don’t believe “you” hate women and appreciate the point of your piece. I do feel many women do feel such underlying competition with other women that we get in our own way. Imagine how successful we would be if all women helped each other! We need to realize that helping another woman does not take away from our own happiness.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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  6. Hi Laura,
    I clicked your link when I saw you were accused of hating women, so I am here rushing to your defense!
    You’ve always been very nice to me. Also, I see you have women blogging friends. So, the “charges” are ridiculous.

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  7. And if women really wanted to be equal, why don’t they stop acting in movies where multiple women are fawning all over one guy, and why don’t they go to work after having a baby, why is it always the woman that stays home and cares for the babies, men could do that just as well, and probably not complain about it as much. I went to work 6 weeks after a C-section, both my boys were in day care at 6 weeks of age, and they turned out pretty well, and we are still bonding til this day. I can fix an irrigation system better than anyone I know, and if there is an issue at our house, who do all the men in the house go to for a solution…… me.
    I completely agree with you, some women are giving women a bad name, the whining and the “poor me” mentality has to stop.

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  8. Fuck I love women. Especially the evil ones, they are all “eat this apple snow white” and I’m like ” oooooohhh, she got style!” but then I’m like ” Oh, no! Snow white! Don’t eat that apple! Girl, you got a pie in the oven, and I doubt that you have home insurance.”

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  9. I look up to you as a role model for some reason! I don’t dislike women but I have to admit some of them lol! Honestly, I dislike single mothers (especially the ones that make themselves look like a victim or need the entire world to sympathize them.) I mean com’n, unless you’re raped or your husband/ partner passed away, you agreed to have intercourse with this dude so is it anyone’s fault that you’re pregnant? I mean it’s your freaking body and you have full control of the situation. What bothers me is they need support this and that, it’s like if you can’t afford to raise a child, then don’t lol.

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  11. Do you really think that women want equality now that the “hard work is done?” Do you know what a Suffragette is? Do you know that women didn’t have the right to vote in US until 1920? Do you know that for most of our history women were considered property, not allowed to work outside of the home or speak in public. Are you aware that until the 1960’s a woman was not allowed to have birth control without her husband’s permission? Yet when women ask for equal pay for equal work you think it’s because the “hard work is done?” Please tell me you are joking.

    And just to point out the obvious, the only way you would know that any woman was sitting in the welfare office with an expensive phone is if you are sitting in the welfare office too.


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