Writer’s Block And The Pits Of Hell

fantasy-2861107_1920You may hate me by the end of this post. Unfortunately, my sanity depends on my writing this, so you’ll have to voice your displeasure in my comment box… and you will, and I’m scared.

I haven’t written in a few weeks and we can blame #MeToo.

I don’t have the stomach for watching the constant beatdown of men on social media. It has put a damper on my sense of humour and I’m actually getting really angry. Really. Really. Angry.

If you throw a rotten apple in a basket of beautiful apples, you’ve ruined them all. In other words, shut up before you destroy the amazing men that remain, they can only take so much.

75% of suicides are men, let’s not make it 100.


35 thoughts on “Writer’s Block And The Pits Of Hell

  1. It reminds me of when I used to write off feminism because I was misinformed of what is actually meant based on a very loud and misandrist subsect. Moral of the story is- assholes exist in every gender and group and throwing the baby out with the bathwater isn’t a good strategy. Love your honesty.

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  2. I am so disgusted with Hollywood and women right now. I am totally fed up. There is so many good men. Of course There are some jerks and assholes too. There are a bunch of Mrs Robertson’s out there too.
    There is a huge difference between raped at gunpoint in an alley and advancing your career by sleeping with the boss…..and only coming forward years later after we all know your name.
    Women… quit being victims. What did you think would happen when he asked you to his hotel room after hours…..

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  3. Years ago (back in the 20th century), I went with a female friend to hear Gloria Steinem talk. During her talk, she said that the original feminist movement has split between the men haters and the men lovers. Steinem said she loved men but the men haters attacked everyone who didn’t agree with them including Steinem. There were a lot of men in the audience with their female friends and significant others.

    It isn’t easy to block out the haters. We seem to pay more attention to them than the lovers.

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    • Suggested revision: “some men have been doing this crap for a long time” but not all men.

      That’s probably because most of those men grew up with a father or other father figure that modeled that crap. I’ve read that most wife beaters had fathers that beat their mothers just like most racists grew up in racist families.

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  4. For the record, I don’t feel beaten down (Well, at least not by #MeToo. Other factors are rather depressing, but that’s a different political rant for another time.), but I do think a lot of men are confused and frightened, and (the more or less awake ones, anyway) having to reexamine past interactions and try to wrap their brains around a different version of reality and rules than they’ve been used to.

    I was struck by Lloyd’s comment – Steinem’s talking about the man-haters versus the man-lovers in feminism . There is a similar split on the male side – woman-haters versus woman-lovers. Some of your posts have drawn considerable comment from haters of both genders. Can the lovers get loud enough to drown out the haters? We can but make the attempt and hope.

    It ain’t gonna get to 100% – I’m sticking around as long as this old ticker keeps ticking.

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  5. I am bloody sick of it too. I’ll be bold enough to say that I think all the Hollywood men accused should face consequences, but trying to beat down other men just because, and trying to ruin Matt Damon’s career (over what in my opinion were actually fairly logical thoughts that he shared) is childish. Some people need to get off of their high horses.

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  6. Glad you saw the light. I had missed the great writing/reading for a while as you muddled with this conundrum… These disturbing “trends” too shall pass… When I was deemed as a predator by mainstream media after Damons accusations, by default, due to my age bracket, I knew you’d have to speak out…stupid media and their pop-slant on everyting till it doesn’t serve them.

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  7. Among Hispanic populations, a study showed that cultural values of marianismo, which emphasizes female docility and deference to males, may help explain the higher rate of suicide of Latinas relative to Latinos (Goldsten et al).
    Women are twice as likely to have depression, and symptoms of depression, as men of the same age. More women attempt suicide than men, but more men die from suicide. Men are more likely to be gun owners.
    Just as men hate to ask for directions when driving, they are also hesitant to seek help from a health professional when they are troubled. A matter of pride?
    Countries with high levels of power-difference had higher rates of female suicide (Rudmin).
    Men are more than twice as likely to be alcoholics. Men are more likely to have been drinking prior to committing suicide.
    Countries with high levels of power-difference had higher rates of female suicide (Rudmin).
    As women have gained more power in our culture, some men may perceive they have lost some of the power that once belonged to males.
    Readers’ comments in response to certain online articles show many woman-hating comments from men.
    In the 1800s, a common belief was that a man could beat his wife with a stick if it was no bigger than the thickness of his thumb. Some interpreted it as “common law.”
    Just as some people had difficulty with the abolishment of slavery, our culture has been slow to accept equal rights for women. The “#Me Too” movement has caught many people off guard. Whaaat? Women are being believed??! Yes, finally!
    The pendulum has swung, possibly causing some confusion and re-thinking interactions between the sexes. Older generations may have a harder time accepting the changes intended by #Me Too.
    Good men who are fathers can start by educating their sons and daughters about proper boundaries and unequal relationships.
    And yes, there are men with good and kind hearts.

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  8. It is nice to hear from you, and, yes, I hate seeing men being beat down as well. They try to do the same to me, but I just keep going, and they hate me even more. YOU are an amazing woman. I hope that YOU have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Great to see YOU!!! (Pssst! Need more women like YOU!!!)

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  9. Why I oughta!

    Seriously, I could say here that it isn’t an attack on all men, and how I don’t feel threatened by it because (in some ways 😉), I’m just a good dude who treats people with respect. I could say the ones who have to worry are the predators who have been among us, getting away with this shit, for too long… but I won’t.

    I’ll just say I’ve missed your writer’s voice and I’m pissed that they made you feel this way. 😎

    Welcome back! 🤗

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  10. Ooooh, lets fight! lol. I think that the MeToo movement was never supposed to be about bashing all men, but to draw attention to a problem that needs attention, and it does need attention. That being said, I have no doubt whatsoever that people take it to a non-helpful male bashing place, because “women!, amirite, amirite!” lol I don’t know any woman who hasn’t been sexually assaulted, and I can understand if you don’t agree with this particular method of “ousting” but I do wonder how we can reduce sexual assault.


  11. So what you are saying is that it is ok for you to blame a writing block on the entire #metoo movement because you are angry that a handful of people are bashing men?

    And don’t get me wrong, joining a movement because it’s trending and making false accusations or embellishing something to get recognition makes me extremely angry. However, the #metoo movement has evolved beyond Hollywood, men and women joining hands, feeling safe to come forward. Not once have I read an article or come across something on social media that came across as man bashing. Only victims, some of which held their secrets for decades coming out, joining hands with other victims and being freed from being alone.

    So I doubt you are angry at the #metoo movement, I feel like you are probably angry at those using the movement for their own purposes. This is just my opinion, but after finding a post from my daughter on social media explaining her #metoo story after a decade of secrecy, I would hope you wouldn’t blame an entire movement for a few rotten apples. 😉


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