Back In My Day

back in my day

I will be fifty this year. Officially I am ancient.

I must be old because I don’t understand anything. These millennials, always complaining about money, wah wah.

Why would you pay money for a tattoo if you’re so broke?

What’s with the expensive diets and grocery delivery? Hello Fresh? Hello bankruptcy.

What’s with the jewelry, watches and expensive purses? The coats, the shoes, the dresses?

Two hundred dollar sunglasses, hundred dollar haircuts, and fifty dollar nails?

Your phones are worth a thousand dollars and you lose and break them like they’re free.

Honey, cold pressed juice? Fresh fruit smoothies? Fancy lattes? I could go on and on.

Face it, you’re wasteful and spending beyond your means. You’re throwing away your future. Literally tossing it away.

Oh and in case you’re wondering who I’m talking to, I’m talking to me, in a mirror, every damned day for fifteen years.

It’s funny when I see my 260 dollar sunglasses on top of my empty fridge. It’s just so goddamned funny.

Broke and stupid pin



57 thoughts on “Back In My Day

  1. The old adage of your as young as you feel. I am 33 and feel like I am 70 most days, haha. Yeah, i’d punch myself if i bought a pair of sunglasses to lose for $200. Haha.

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  2. Call it competition when you spend $260 on a pair of sunglasses…call it necessity when you spend $260 because your doctor tells you need a new pair of eyeglasses. It seems like with one you have a choice, with the other you don’t. So which do you choose, hanging out among friends to show off your new glasses or take on the doctors necessity call?

    Well turning 50 might just not give you the urge to show off but with millenials this urge is a kind of ego booster….And don’t feel ancient about turning 50 though…Ancient monuments are still being visited by hoards of tourists…You should still be attractive even at 50…

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  3. I could’ve been your high school aged baby sitter. Now I just think of my body as the wrinkled wrapping paper around the same inner treasure. 🙂

    The big 50 is always a hard milestone. I think it was worse than 30.

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