Fuck Tim Hortons?

background-2847045_1920Welcome to Ontario.

Since the beginning of this year I’m supposed to boycott both Giant Tiger and Tim Horton’s. Giant Tiger for laying off a portion of their staff and Tim Horton’s for cutting perks and benefits.

I’m not one for calling for a boycott of any business at any time. It’s stupid actually, the dumbest thing you can do. So you’re going to boycott a company for cutting benefits to employees. Everyone stops going there. It closes down. Do you see where I’m going yet? Now no one has a job? Right?

My “I’m unemployed because you boycotted my workplace” interpretive dance failed.

I’m not mad at small businesses for cutting perks to staff. I can’t even be mad at the layoffs. This is what you wanted. Higher minimum wage comes at a price, what did you honestly think would happen? A small business can’t absorb tens of thousands of dollars in new costs.

They just can’t.

Don’t call for the boycott of a small business, call for the removal of our stupid, goddamned half wit of a Premier.



Fck Tim Hortons pin

22 thoughts on “Fuck Tim Hortons?

  1. Why do they cut staff and benefits, because they do not have the money. I do understand that some companies waste spend their money, but not everyone does. If money is not coming in, you have to make cuts to save the company. If they want to help these companies, they can help by patronizing them, not boycotting.

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  2. I live in your same fair land and big neighbourhood, and too have the new min wage impact in a small town… Wen’t out for dinner at friendly neighbourhood pub tonight..

    Server: Hi Me, what would you like..
    Me: Fish and Chips and a pint or two…
    Owner who knows me: Hey bud just so you know the wage increase just cost us 22% in expense increase so Fish is $2 more and Pint is $1.20 more.
    Me: OK, i get that you need to stay in business.
    Me: yum yum, glug glug
    Server: All Done? Check?
    Me: Sure using tap is the easy exit and tip the usual 20%.. except that 20% is now compounded on top of the 22% price increases which amounts to 26.4%.
    Me: To myself…Hmmm what exactly am i paying 26.4% more for? That’s steep!
    Me: To server: Honey, do you work looking forward to wages or tips?
    Server: Tips duh!
    Me: Who do you vote for? Wage increasers or tip decreasers?
    Server: I Don’t really vote but not a tip decreaser.
    Me: You now have one of both of those in power wanting your vote to continue raising wages and probably decreasing tips.
    Server: hmmm.
    Me: to Owner: What was, in your opinion. the purpose of gov’t to increase min wage so drastically so rapidly ?
    Owner: To buy the votes of the young vunerable and underskilled in a short 6 months before elections. Duh!
    Me: Agreed but I am paying for them to buy votes to oppose my electoral choice?
    Owner: yah. it sucks but do you want me to close the doors?
    Me: No but I hope this doesnt hurt your staff by people who support either gov’t but don’t understand this BS.
    Next patron: Honey, why is my pint $1.20 more?

    He tips $0.25 compared to $1 as usual. OK he was scottish lol

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  3. Ya, if the local Timmies closes then those minimum wage workers will be out of a job. BUT the local coffee shop (that everyone supported because they pay their employees a living wage) is now booming. And hiring.

    This is a zero sum game. We haven’t stopped drinking coffee – we’ve just stopped getting it from Tim’s. Tim’s can DIAF. Those displaced staff can get a /better/ job at the local coffee shop that’s probably on the same block. (Or McDonald’s, who actually treat their staff with respect.)

    Or (ideally) Tim’s can apologize for being such a huge bag of dicks, give 0.01% of their record profits back to the people doing the actual work, and we can go back to getting our doughnuts there.

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  4. 😀 Once upon a time, Tim Hortons sold good coffee, freshly baked donuts, and were the social gathering spots of entire towns.

    Then, the Brazilian venture capitalists came.

    Now, their donuts are frozen and reheated in store. Their coffee is shit. And their prices have gone up.

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