About Me

I’ve been divorced for 12 years. I love being single. I’m happy that I am free to check my own oil, refill my own washer fluid, and pump my own gas. However, in saying that, it’s not for everybody. I’ve had to learn how to use a drill, take apart a bed, put together a bed, and most exciting, I’m more than capable of carrying about fifty pounds of groceries up three flights of stairs. That’s right, because I’m single, I get to do this all for myself. I don’t have to say “Thank you dear, for carrying this”, “Thank you honey, for fixing my car”, I don’t have to thank anyone or be grateful to anyone for anything. It’s awesome that I have all the freedom in the world!!!

Freedom… it’s worth all the heartache.

Freedom… it’s worth it.

Freedom…it’s in you to give.

Now, if only I could change a tire.




258 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for visiting my crusty little corner of the internet and pressing the Follow button. Much appreciated!
    I have done the same for you because, generally, that’s what I do – but also, and more importantly, because I’ve now read some of your posts and like what I’ve seen. I look forward to more popping up in my reader.

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  2. doll, you just need the right guy to come along and show you all the intimate details of tire-changing. Imagine that old James Bond flat tire joke: “she pumped, I pumped, she pumped, I pumped… then we got out and changed the tire.”


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  3. I didn’t know where to post this, but I just read your interview over on LaChouett’s site, and I had to smile when I saw your favorite book was Stephen King’s THE STAND. I’m sure there are others, but I rarely meet anyone else who feels the same about that book! I can’t remember how many times I’ve read it, but it’s been many, many, many times!

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  4. I’m married and happy, but it’s awfully nice to encounter single and happy. I was happy as a single person, too. Although, I must admit, I paid men to fix and assemble stuff, and would if I were single again. I have bad hands and poor spatial ability.
    Anyway, glad to read you.

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  5. Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I just started and means a lot to me that such a successful blogger took the time to read my stuff 🙂 You’re blog is lovely x

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  6. Thanks for the follow; I feel very honored. I’m 26 and single (and probably will be the rest of my life), you’re 40 and single. Us single ladies need to stick together. I’m following you as well and looking forward to reading more of your witty posts. 🙂

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    • YES!! I’ve actually seen how that works with my post on SW Experts 🙂 and really, it’s a few dollars a month.. it opens up a lot of things though, once you are self hosted you can start making money. I don’t actually want to do that, so staying with WordPress works for me 🙂


  7. You know, that whole “use drill” thing kills me. I was using my dad’s drill when I was about six years old, drilling up the baseboards in the house like I was possessed. (I was allowed to use it again after about a year’s suspension or said baseboard abuse.)

    I wonder what things guys don’t now how to do that you the ladies all grew up doing?

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    • I have a perfect example of this, my co-worker’s 27 year old boyfriend was unable to start a campfire. He was just holding his lighter to a big log of wood wondering why it wouldn’t light. I was lighting campfires at six years old. (While you were drilling, perhaps?)


  8. 🙂 thank u for the follow.

    Shame we’re not living in the same country, same continent!

    I went on a date with a WP blogger, we had a nice day, lovely long chat, picnic and kiss at the station BUT I was toooo ‘skinny’ for her! 😀

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  9. Could you please answer a question, for my sins I comment far to much, only because I love the post, have I offended you in any way because you removed a post. Please tell ty 🙂

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  10. Hello! I’m divorced too, and confess to asking for a toolkit for my birthday shortly after the event as I love to do the DIY! I (finally) found a love of being single – although would never rule out marriage again if it was the right man. I’ve loved rediscovering who I am again though! Would take someone special for me to compromise! Ruth

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